Since 1993, TempSmart has provided Colorado Home Builders with highly qualified professional Hosts/Hostesses, with well over 100 being hired to full-time positions as sales people and/or sales assistants by our customers.

TempSmart understands the importance of providing the Home Builder Community with the very best temporary personnel. Our number one focus is to provide the best customer care possible. Our ‘just-in-time’ flexible staffing approach has been utilized time and time again by our customers.

TempSmart conducts reference checks and evaluates potential employees on customer care capabilities and necessary personality traits before they are asked to sit on site. TempSmart provides on-the-job training, usually at an existing new-home community provided to us by one of our Home-Builder customers. Naturally, TempSmart maintains all of the necessary insurances (Liability, Workers Compensation, etc.) and pays all of the required and associated taxes for our employees. This eliminates any hiring/bookkeeping costs from our customer’s budgets.

Colorado Home Builders have come to rely on TempSmart for a more cost-effective way to address their changing sales staffing needs. Money spent on temporary help is approximately 50% less than the cost of hiring in-house floater agents that create additional employer overhead such as Social Security contributions, unemployment insurance, Worker’s Compensation, vacations, paid holidays, sick leave, personal days, health insurance, and sometimes sales commissions.

Many builders have realized that their best sales personnel are kept happy as well as kept working by not having their commissions diluted with the addition of too many permanent sales people.